Monthly Favorites

January Favorites

I know this entry is a tad bit late since we’re already heading to the middle of February, I’ve been having a lot of wifi issues…


L’Oreal Paris – Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

So, I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with this foundation. At first, I was in utter love with it for it has smooth, buildable coverage that was truly satisfying. However, after some time it began to feel cakey, shifted all over the place and transferred to everything that came incontact with my face (even with setting powder & spray). I was to the point to simply throw it away but then, I gave it another shot. I used a brand new brush I’ve purchased from CodeMakeup and with just very minimum product it worked perfectly once again.


CodeMakeup Concealer & Powder Foundation

Everyday throughout the month of January I have been using Code Makeups powder foundation in the shade 8 and their concealer to perfect my brows! Their concealers are so creamy and even with their powder foundation on my brows it doesn’t cake up not transfer!

CodeMakeup Mascara

I can be extremely picky when it comes to mascara. I love mascara’s that give length and volume to my lashes. Code Makeup’s mascara does a magnificent job of doing just that! My favorite part about this mascara is taking it off for it turns into little balls of clumps that prevent damaging your lashes while removing it.

Essence Lipstick In “Nude Love”

I’ve been into nudes lately and “Nude Love” by essence is the perfect nude shade to rock with any look.



Max Studio Max Naturals

Recently, I’ve been catching myself reaching for the Max Naturals eyeshadow palette  for an everyday daytime look. The colors are so soft and blend out easily!



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