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December Favorites

Wow, it’s finally 2017! I’ve been waiting for this year to come. I don’t know about y’all but 2016 was an absolute worse for me. Moving to a different country; trying to adjust to it’s customs, stressing with school (since I can hardly understand what’s going on due to pretty rude teachers and the language.)


Even though the past year as been a nightmare I have many goals and ambitions I’m looking forward to this year!

Now let’s get to my December favorites…



L’Oréal Paris Advanced Sun care Invisible Protect Clear Finish Spray


Since I now live in the Caribbean, it is always hot and sunny (most of the time anyway) and when I moved here I wanted to get back to a healthier state since I’m away from most of that American junk. So, I’ve took up running for a bit..
Sometimes, due to the really hot weather using cream sunscreen can be very heavy on the skin and uncomfortable while sweating. I totally forgot about this product when I moved from one house to the other and recently found it again late November! It’s super light weight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I really enjoy using this sunscreen for the  body when I’m outside for some fresh air or going on a walk/run.

Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer

For a while I haven’t been using concealer and it’s because I’ve been too busy to even think about applying makeup to my face for a while. However, I’ve been balancing things out and been using one of my favorite concealers ever that is the Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer. It has a creamy texture, glides on smoothly to the skin and blends like a dream!

Maybelline New York The Colossal Volume Express Mascara


When it comes to school, I’m looking for a more casual look or I simple do not have the time for falsies, I can get really picky when it comes to mascara. I have short, straight lashes so If any of you do too you already know my struggle. The Colossal Volume Express Mascara really helps volumes my lashes! I love it!

Cherry Chree Gel Eyeliner

I’ve never have been a fan of gel eyeliners until this one. It’s so creamy and smooth it makes the perfect winged eyeliner! I use an elf eyeliner brush to achieve the perfect eyeliner. I’ve been using it on a daily basis and can’t get enough of it!

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lipli12’ or ‘Exotic’

I absolutely love NYX liquid lipsticks I own about 7 different shades! I loved using this one throughout the month of December for a nude lip. It’s pretty long lasting and usually only have to reapply it once or twice throughout a long day. It also contains mineral oil as one of their ingredients!

Crecepela Scalp Drops & Jojoba Oil


I’ve been taking really good care of my hair since I last dyed it back in April of 2016 and when I moved to the Dominican Republic I found many wonderful hair serums, oils, drops, masks and many more! I have been using ‘Crecepela’ throughout the whole month of December and I am obsessed with it! It’s used on the scalp after shampooing and conditioning the hair- not removed. I’ve noticed my hair has been growing a lot faster by using this product. I’ve already finished one bottle and currently on my second one!

I’ve been using Jojoba oil daily on the ends of my hair since they tend to be very dry and thanks to this oil my ends are so soft! I can’t believe it! Jojoba oil also provides a shine without giving the appearance of greasy hair.


That’s all for my December favorites! Hope you enjoyed and I’m truly sorry for being a bit MIA on my blog.

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