Wet n’ Wild Limited Edition Geometric Highlighting Powder in ‘Desert Explorations’ Review

I love highlighters as much as the next makeup junkie however, I never felt so much love for a drug-store highlighter ever until I’ve encountered Wet n Wild’s Geometric Highlighting powder in ‘Desert Explorations.’

I’ve purchased this product in September when I went to CVS in search of a new highlighter, I’ve had no such luck until my eyes gazed the makeup shelves and landed on ‘Desert Explorations.’

May I say, this is one of the b e s t highlighters I own.

b e s t.

and also cruelty free..


If you follow me on Snapchat you know how much I’ve been raving about this highlighter for the past few months. First of all; the packaging is gorgeous, and swirling the shapes together achieves the most beautiful, radiant glow. The only thing I regret about its purchase is not buying more.

When I first tried out this product I didn’t expect to fall in love with it. As I looked into the window of my car I saw the sparkle and was mesmerized on how beautiful it looked in natural lighting. My mother adores highlight although; she doesn’t necessarily knew what highlight was she always called it “that sparkle thing that makes me shine like a star,” haha! When she pointed it out she loved it as well!

I highly recommend purchasing Wet n Wild’s geometric highlighters! I couldn’t find this one in particular on their website, however I did find Sun Ceremony and judging by it’s shade it seems to suit deeper skin tones!

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Thank you for reading!
Stay royal xxx…


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