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Top 3 Tips For Long Lasting Makeup on Oily Skin

If you have oily skin then you understand how annoying it is when your makeup begins to slip and slide. All that hard work feeling like it’s melting off your face is truly saddening. However,  there are indeed a few simple tricks to help tame the oily issue all day!

Lighter Foundations

Instead of going for a very heavy full coverage foundation, that turns into an oily mess later on throughout the day as it combines with your natural oils, try a lighter foundation. The thinner the layers, the better. You can switch for a BB/CC cream or powder foundation but you don’t necessarily have to. I usually combine both a foundation and a powder, not oily does it give me flawless full coverage but the powder helps it stay in place throughout the day.


Note: Try and stay away from “dewy” foundations and opt for a “matte” one.

The Right Way To Prime

What I’ve discovered recently and have been doing this everyday for the last couple of months is rubbing my foundation on my T-zone instead of patting it in. I used to pat my primer all over my face getting into the pores (it really helps, believe me) but in one of MannyMUA’s, who also has oily skin, stated in one of his videos he rubs the powder onto his T-zone to help with the oil. I decided to try that out for myself to see if it works and it does!
Also, use a setting spray before and after applying any makeup on your face. It doesn’t just help keep your makeup last all day but helps control oil!


Note: Men’s Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm is a wonderful “primer!” It really helps the foundation stick to the skin with its tackiness.


Blotting Sheets is a Girl’s BFF

Ah, yes, blotting sheets, a oily person’s BFF. If you have oily skin carrying around blotting sheets is an absolute MUST. I honestly cannot live without carrying blotting sheets with me throughout the day. There was once a time I owned more blotting sheets than makeup products.
Blotting sheets are fantastic for they get rid of the excess oil on the face without removing any makeup. If you ever find a need to blot your face and don’t have blotting sheets laying around, public bathroom seat covers do the trick as do brown napkins you get at your local Starbucks!



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