There Are No Rules in Makeup Other Than Keeping it Clean

Just like it’s important to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis it is equally important to clean your makeup as well.

Not cleaning your making brushes or makeup products causes bacteria build up, may cause breakouts and some serious infections!

You don’t want to put something unsanitary on your face now would you?

Of course there are no rules when it comes to makeup other than keeping it clean. (oh wait, that kind of is a rule.)


There are not many materials needed to clean your makeup other than a few cotton pads, antibacterial wipes and/or alcohol.

Keep it Clean

Taking a cotton pad place it on top of any powder makeup and remove the top layer. Bacteria doesn’t seep into powder so much as it would on cream products. Cream products is similar but slightly different. For cream products instead of a cotton round you will want to take the back end of the applicator and scrape off the top layer of the product.

Tip: Instead of constantly dipping the applicator into the cream product scrap just a bit of it and place it on the back of your hand or on a small cosmetic plate.


Next, remove the excess product on the edges with an antibacterial wipe and later going over with alcohol.


For eyeliners and lip pencils it’s fairly easy for all that is necessary is to sharpen the pencil at least one time around. It’s recommended to remove a layer off any pencil product before and after each use to prevent infections.


For lip products take an antibacterial wipe and wipe the lip product very gently!


Don’t forget that makeup has expiration dates!


  • Always sharpen your lip and eyeliners before using them.
  • Never share a cosmetic product with someone else without cleaning it before and after each use.
  • Don’t share mascara for eyelashes have mites in the borrow of the eyelash follicle!
  • Be sure to clean your makeup products and makeup brushes at least once a week or every two weeks to prevent bacteria build up and break outs.
  • Try to always use a brush while doing your makeup, never use filthy fingers.

-Stay Royal

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

It’s crazy to think that a lot of makeup users don’t clean their brushes. If you really love your brushes and your face.. cleaning them every week or two is a must. Not cleaning makeup brushes frequently lead to reapplying bacteria onto the face causing breakouts.



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