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Rules to Live by While Wearing a Dark Lip Color

Sometimes, when you’re not careful wearing dark lipstick it can make it seem like you’ve forgotten which day out of the year Halloween occurs (October 31 btw). Dark lipstick is popular in the fall season and for nighttime events. It’s the perfect go-to for a sexier look however, if not applied the right way it’ll leave you looking like a hot mess!

Follow these rules are you’re all good to go!

Achieving the Look

  1. Prepping the Lips
    Prepping your lips is just as important as prepping your skin and eyes for makeup. It’s important to exfoliate before applying an intense color such as reds or dark browns. Without exfoliating and jumping right into the lip color every fine line and crack will be presented. You may purchase a lip exfoliator or create a simple one with sugar and honey (suggested to add cinnamon powder to help plump the lips.) Don’t forget to apply chap stick or a lip balm!
  2. Lip Liners
    Next to the importance of exfoliating and chap stick lip liners is essential. When applying reds and dark, bold shades lip liners are practically you’re new BFF. Lip liners help your lipstick last all day and prevents it from bleeding. You don’t necessarily need a lip liner that is exactly the same shade as your lipstick. You’re able to use a nude or a clear lip liner. However, if you’re working with black lipstick a black lip liner is highly recommended.
  3. Applying the Dark Color
    Using a lip brush is the recommended tool to help apply a flawless lip color. You may use it straight from the tube, however, it requires handling with care and a delicate, steady hand. If you’re using a liquid lipstick you must work fast for it dries quickly.Start at the center then work from side to side.
  4. Wear it With Confidence!
    It doesn’t matter which shade of dark lipstick you’re rocking the most important rule there is, is wear it with confidence! A dark lip is a bold lip and wearing a bold lip with confidence is the most important rule there is.

Tips to Live By:

  • Know Which Shade Suits You Best: If you’re light-eyed, pink-based burgundy colors will look amazing on you. This hue makes your eyes pop. If you have dark eyes a brown burgundy will bring them out more.
    However, a blue-based burgundy isn’t too light or dark so it is able to be worn with someone with a dark or light eye color.
    To figure out the undertone of a certain lip color try swatching it against a white tissue paper. You’ll be able to notify the undertone against the white background.
  • Match Your Hair Color: If you’re having trouble trying to decide which lip color to pull of try to match your hair color. Matching your hair color is a simple trick for it tends to balance out. Example: a deep red burgundy works well with brunettes.
  • Take it Out for a Test Drive: Always take a bold lip color out for a test drive before wearing it on a particular day. After swatching it on a tissue paper try it out on your lips. You can also test it out on your lips for a certain amount of time to see how it stays and if it needs reapplication or not.
  • Skip the Glossy Finish: There’s nothing wrong with a glossy finish! In fact it’s perfect to attract attention to the lips. However, when working with a dark lip color there is no need for a glossy finish to attract attention when the shade is doing that all on its own.
  • Blotting & Translucent Powder: By taking a tissue paper, blot your lips, reapply the lip color and add translucent powder over top to insure your lip color will last all day.
  • Balance the Look: Balance out your look to prevent looking like a frosted cake. Bold on the lips, simple on the eyes.
    This rule is not always necessarily true.

Stay royal ❤


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