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How to Pull off Blue Lipstick

Could it be?
Blue lipstick is the new definition of a ‘bold lip.’

Sure, we’ve seen all the many shades of red and pinks but blue?!
It’s the new lipstick rave of 2016.

It’s fairly simple to pull of blue lipstick although it may seem like it’s tricky there are indeed a few tricks to it.

such as:

  • Blotting & Translucent powder is your best friend – Just like you would blot after applying your favorite lipstick you do the same to a blue lipstick and of course set it with translucent powder to help it last all day.
  • Exfoliate & Chapstick – Exfoliating and then applying chopstick right before using your blue lipstick helps for an easily smooth glide on the lips. I highly recommend doing this step with reds, dark shades, and blue lipstick for the darker the color the more you are able to see cracks and lines on your lips.
  • Something Simple – You know that ‘rule’ makeup has? Where you alternate the bold with the neutral. You may pair off your bold blue lipstick with something soft on the eyes.

And the most important tip of them all…

It’s all about having fun and expressing yourself!
Don’t ever be ashamed of that Amy Winehouse wing or your favorite bold lipcolour! Makeup is a special kind of art that goes along with how you dress yourself. It’s freedom of expression.

This is how I pull off blue lipstick; with something bold..

If you would like to see the tutorial on how to achieve this look check it out on @QueenKatBeauty on Instagram


Check out how these princesses pulled of their bold blue lipstick!

QueenKat Crown.png

Princess @Abbylukin

“So, blue lipstick is a tricky color to use. I decided just to do my simple everyday makeup and just throw on a bold bright blue lip. I also added some eyelashes just to glam it up a bit. Blue lipstick is definitely not an easy color to pair with but if you have the confidence you can pull it off simply. You can do a glam look like I did or just throw on some mascara and call it day” -@Abbylukin

QueenKat Crown.png

Princess @Mariel_Danneli


@Mariel_Danneli decided to go for an almost “all natural” look however, used her bold shade of blue as a statement!

QueenKat Crown.pngPrincess @MichellePhan

Of course I just had to add @MichellePhan pulling off her blue lipstick in her video ⟐ PSYCHEDELIC DREAMS ⟡


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