Colourpop Cosmetics Review

Colourpop is the new talk in the cosmetic online store with their high-quality and fun makeup colors. With all the hype of Colourpop I decided to try it out myself.

I picked  up two super shock eyeshadows: Belladonna Lily & KathleenLights

two lippie sticks: Climax & Lumiere

and a lip liner: Lumiere

The super shock shadow, KathleenLights, the lippe stix and lip liner in Lumiere have been created by youtuber Kathleen Lights. She’s one of my favorite youtubers and not only because we share a name.


Let’s start off with their eyeshadows. Colourpop eyeshadows have a drugstore price for a high quality purchase. It’s highly pigmented and has to be used the right way or else you’ll end up with too much on. The recommended way is with your finger.


Here are two swatches of the two eyeshadows I’ve purchased.
Their cream eyeshadows come with a lot of product in singles to prevent them from drying out like if they were in a palette


Lippie Stix



And now, their lippie stix. Their lippie stix are easy to apply with their creamy texture and twistable ends they’re also are not drying at all especially with their bolder shades such as “Climax” which is a blue lippiestix. Some red lipsticks, dark or bold colors can be drying enhancing every line and crack on the lips. Of course while wearing a bold lipstick or any lipstick in general I suggest prepping up the right way by exfoliating and applying chapstick.


Lip Liner

Their lip liners are just as good as their lippiestix!




The only complaint I have about Colourpop has to be their packaging. Their label comes off very easily and the lip liner I have is completely jammed and I’m unable to use it so it was pretty much a waste of my money. Their lip liners are also bendable and easy to break. Also, with the climax lippie stix if you haven’t noticed there’s a small hole in it.

I do however, plan to purchase more Colourpop cosmetics.


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