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Semi DiLino Scalp Care Energizing Lotion Review

if you read my story, Short Hair, Don’t Care, then you know the issue I have with hair loss and how I’ve traveled to the Dominican Republic in search of a new hair treatment.

Here’s the review I’ve purchased in the Dominican Republic, Semi DiLino Scalp Care Energizing Lotion.




This treatment comes with 12 single use energizing lotions. How I use this product is once a week right after I shampoo and condition my hair. I take the top off and make sure the small funnel that came with it is completely clean and screwed on tightly on the bottle. While my hair is dampen I evenly distribute the product on the top of my head making sure to cover the whole scalp while massaging the product in at the same time.

I have been using this product religiously hoping that it was worth the purchase and I can honestly say it was! I started off with very little hair at the top of my head however, when I started using this product a difference was able to be spotted within the first three weeks. I made sure to use a very good leave-in conditioner, little to no heat on my hair and to remove the tangles every night to prevent hair loss.

If you’d like to read more about leave-in conditioners read the post 4 Reviews on 4 Leave-in Conditioners

 I only wish that I would have taken a before and after picture to show you all how amazing this product worked for me.


What I love about this product it that it brings 12 of these single use treatments and it’s sulfate free!

If you don’t know what sulfate is, sulfate is a salt or a sulfuric acid that is found in many hair products today and is very harmful to the scalp. It causes dryness, hair loss, dandruff and everything we don’t want for our hair. It’s best to stay away from hair products that contain sulfate and/or alcohol for it may be causing more harm than good.


The application process is super easy and the smell isn’t too strong, for me anyway.

Once it’s applied to my hair and I let it air dry I can feel it working on my scalp.

I’m so glad that this hair product really helped with my issues but of course I didn’t just use this on it’s own. I did many of my natural hair remedies as well that you are able to find under the category hair care for more tips and DIYs.

I forgot how much I have paid for this product however, I was able to find it on Amazon for those who would like to purchase this product!
Just click here.

I hoped this helped!

Stay royal..


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