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Foundation Tips & Application for Oily Skin |Banana, honey and lemon prep mask|

If you have oily skin you already know the struggle of when it comes to makeup. Your makeup may be put on flawlessly at first, but in about an hour or so it looks like Niagara falls on your face. Although, Niagara falls is very beautiful, it’s not a good look. There’s a few simple ways to help make sure your makeup lasts without looking like a glazed doughnut all day.

The Importance of Prepping

I cannot stress it enough how important it is to prep your skin before application of any beauty product. What you do to your face before has a grand impact for how your makeup will set for the rest of the day.

You’re going to want to start off with a fresh clean face and if you have enough time I suggest doing a banana mask first.

banana honey lemn mask.jpg

After the mask (even if you haven’t) apply your moisturizer, SPF, (or an SPF moisturizer) then your primer. You should not have to use more than a nickel size amount of primer.

Don’t I repeat don’t smear it all over your face, instead pat it down onto the skin. This makes sure that your primer gets into ever pore and crease in your skin to help last long.

After your primer has settled down use a setting spray. A setting spray works perfectly fine after the application of makeup but for 100% wear all day; spay it on before applying makeup! It’ll do wonders and you’ll be able to notify the difference.

Don’t Forget the Eyelids!

If you tend to have oily skin; chances are you have oily eyelids. But, don’t worry it’s okay there’s a trick for that! All you have to do is make sure your eyelids are clean, apply your favorite eyeshadow primer and place concealer over top!

Waterproof Makeup Over Everything

Use waterproof makeup to keep it from moving all day. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, you name it! It’ll help so much to use waterproof makeup.

Tip: Apply your favorite non-waterproof mascara first then apply a coat or two of water proof mascara over top. This will keep it from running.

Applying Your Foundation

The way you apply your foundation changes the way your makeup stays on your face throughout the day. Again, you never want to smear any beauty product on your face- it’ll give you that awful caked up look!

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Using Liquid Foundation on Oily Skin

Liquid foundation on oily skin can be a tad bit tricky. Be sure to use a product that is “oily free” and start off with one thin layer then, you may build it up from there.

If you’re using a beauty blender you’ll need to dampen it first before dabbing the product on. If you’re using a foundation brush start from the center of the face going outwards in circular motions.

Using Cream Foundation on Oily Skin

The same rules apply for cream foundation in terms of brushes. However, I highly suggest using a beauty blender or stippling brush for cream products. A synthetic duo fiber brush works best.  Start from the center of the face going towards the cheek bones then the forehead.

Using Powder/Mineral Foundation on Oily Skin

Powder/mineral foundation is the best option for oily skin for it tends not to grease up too much as a liquid or cream foundation.

If you’re using a powder/mineral foundation pressing it onto the skin with a sponge works better than swirling it on with a powder brush.

I highly suggest pressing a powder foundation onto the skin after applying any other foundation. This will provide more coverage and keeps everything from moving throughout the day.

Using A BB or CC Cream on Oily Skin

If you’re not really into heavy foundation but want some coverage than a BB/CC cream is the way to go. A BB/CC cream is a tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t provide a whole lot of coverage like a liquid or cream foundation would but it is very light on the skin. If you wish for a bit more coverage but don’t feel comfortable using a heavier product then refer to a powder or mineral foundation. Just as I stated before, press it onto the skin and it will provide more coverage without feeling heavy.

Blotting is Your Best Friend.

For an oil free day use blotting sheets after you’ve applied foundation. Let it set for a few minutes, take a blotting sheet and press it onto the skin, then remove. It’ll help take off the oil already produced on your face. Be sure to carry blotting sheets with you for the remainder of the day just in case!

Translucent Powder

A translucent powder is the best product to have for any skin type especially for oily skin. After you applied your foundation and blotted off the oil use a translucent powder to help keep your face matte.

I hope this post helped! ❤

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