What it Feels Like to be The Only Person in The Family Who’s Makeup Obsessed

Well, it’s going to be a month since I’ve moved to the Dominican Republic and living with other members of the family who isn’t my mom, dad and dog. And well, let’s just say, they’re not used to the whole idea of me taking hours to apply my face or weird skin care routines I partake in that is practically my whole life. Of course, my mother is used to it I mean there’s even days I come up to her randomly to do her makeup or apply a kiwi & greek yogurt facial mask or anything in relations to makeup and/or skincare. In fact, my mother would feel weird if I wasn’t doing any of those things. But since now I live with five other members of the family I get tons of questions and a lot of weird looks but that’s okay because beauty takes time, effort and a lot of work. And if you’re anything like me and is the only member of the family who’s makeup obsessed then you’ll mostly understand almost everything that’s coming up in this post.


1. When they keep rushing you to get ready.

eye roll.gif

Like, um, hello, blending is key and blending takes time. DON’T rush me.

2.  When you do a DIY facial mask and people just look at you like-
weird stare

“What’s that?” “You’re going to put that on your face?” “I thought you were making guacamole.” “What is that for?”

Like, yas, I make my own facial mask most of the time would you like to try it? By all means grab a tortilla while we’re at it and it doubles as smoothing your complexation and a snack all in one! 

3. When a relative tries to hug you or kiss your face

So you kind of just stare at them like

did you-

did you just-



4. When they look at your makeup collection and say “you know you can give some away to your cousins because you have so much!”

ummmmm.. no.gif

I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on all this makeup to just “give it away.”

5. When you’re in the middle of cleansing your face before bed and someone wants to use the bathroom.

go away.gif

6. When someone sees you using a blotting sheet.


Yes, there’s actually paper to get rid of the oil on my face and it’s pretty handy.

Will all that being said being the only member of the family that’s makeup obsessed has it’s perks for you’re always slaying and have different models for when you want to try something new on someone else. Although getting pressured most of the time to either get out of the bathroom or to hurry up at least your skin is as smooth as a baby and when you finish putting on your makeup you look fantastic.

Are you the only member of the family who’s obsessed with makeup and relates to this? Is there anything else your family does that really grinds your gears?



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