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The Right Way to Put on Foundation

Whether it’s a brush or a sponge are you sure you’re putting your foundation on correctly? If you use a sponge are you putting the product directly on the sponge? If you’re using a brush are you swaying it back and forth all over your face? If you are, I got news for you.

You’re doing it all wrong.

If you want a flawless finish the way you apply your foundation is important. You may thing you’re doing the right thing just dabbing it all around your face with a sponge, or a brush, or whatever it is you’re using in your bathroom. However, sorry to break it to you but that’s not the right way.

Know, know, do whatever makes you feel comfortable however, if you want a little bit of extra help keep reading.

The Right Way

  • Moizturize & Prime

First things first you need to apply moisturizer and primer. That’s kind of a no brainer. However, if you have a bit of flaking on your skin I suggest exfoliating first before you apply anything on your face. A simple exfoliator is sugar and honey mixed together. You want a smooth canvas to work on. Then apply your favorite moisturizer and pat down your primer

  • Dab on Em’

One way you can apply your foundation is to dab your foundation in little dots on your face before going in with a sponge or brush. Usually, when I’m using a sponge I do smaller dots, if I’m using a brush I use slightly larger ones.

  • Inner Then Outer

Start in the center of your face- your T zone. Includes forehead, nose, chin. Then gradually go towards your cheeks, jaw and temples. By doing so, this helps evenly distribute the product without making a section too cakey or unblended. You don’t want more foundation near your hairline and less near your nose.

  • Stroke Game Matters

Your brush strokes matter A LOT. When you’re blending out your foundation just like in the previous step, you want to start in the center of your face. Start off with your T zone, when you’re blending your foundation on your forehead; blend outwards. The same rules apply to your cheeks. When you’re blending your chin you’re going to want to blend going downwards.

For a perfect finish apply powered foundation over top, top it off with translucent powder, add some bronzer, blush and highlight, top it off with some setting spray and you’re ready to slay the day!



2 thoughts on “The Right Way to Put on Foundation

  1. Glad to know I’m doing this somehow correctly. Also, please check out my latest post when you get the chance, it’d mean a lot xx


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