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How to Pack Your Makeup for Travel

It’s hard enough trying to pick out the clothes that you are going to take with you on vacation and what’s even harder is trying pack your cosmetics too! Packing beauty products for a flight can be tricky if you’re not sure what to do. Most of us has experience a funeral for one or more of our favorite beauty products getting ruined in a flight (or road trip). But don’t worry! I’m here to help you face that fear for my tips on packing beauty products are foolproof and I’ve been doing this for years. I guess you may say it’s my specialty. 😉

First things first pack most of the makeup you will be wearing for the day you will be traveling in your everyday makeup bag; concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, etc.

*I usually do my makeup in the plane right before landing since the airplanes use recycled air and it really dries out skin. I advise for you to do the same.. Don’t forget moisturizer!!*

Organize Your Products

You don’t need to take everything with you. Aim for travel size products. Shampoo’s, moisturizers, mascaras, the smaller the better! After you’ve figured out all the products you will be taking with you then separate them due to how fragile they are (anything contained in glassware and powder products) or risk of leakage (foundations and moisturizers).

Keep Like Items Together

Keep lipsticks with lipsticks and eyeliners with eyeliners. Don’t mix up your toothbrush with foundation or makeup remover with mouthwash.

Don’t Be An Airhead

You know that feeling you get in your ears due to the air pressure. Kind of makes them ‘POP’, yeah, well the same thing can happen to your bottles if the excess air isn’t taken out and that’s not good! Before packing any liquid foundations, CC, or BB creams, try to squeeze out all the extra air out of them, then put the cap back on.

Storing Fragile Bottles

Storing fragile bottles can seem risky, however, here’s a tip- store them in your sneakers! Sneakers are made to cushion your feet so they’ll do the same to your fragile foundation bottles! If you’re not packing sneakers try rolled up socks! If you’re packing neither store them in their own compartment in your makeup travel bag.

Double-triple-seal Your Bottles

Foundation or any cream product can and will stain your clothes and is practically impossible to get rid of! Try double sealing them by putting them in sandwich bags. Or, try putting a protective layer over the bottle then screwing the cap on tightly (also helps with air  pressure). You can leave it as so or put it in a sandwich bag just to be safe.



Compact Your Compacts!

Don’t forget about your compacts, they tend to break the easiest just like eyeshadows. Surround them with cotton balls or cotton rounds to help compact them so they stay in place. Don’t put them in the very bottom of your makeup bag.

100% Cotton

I swear, using cotton balls and cotton rounds is the key to keep your makeup products in tact! For single shadows I use cotton balls. If the cotton ball  is too big for the single shadow; example: Wet n’ Wild single shadows then I just pull the cotton apart.

Zip, Zip!

Next time you’re at your local grocery store grab yourself a pack of sandwich bags, they come in handy when it comes to times like this. Worst case scenario is if something were to break putting your makeup in zip lock bags will prevent them from spilling all over your clothes and luggage. Also, I know it sounds a little crazy but if you try to jam in as much as you can into a bag they’re less likely to break. How? Because there’s less movement between the products. Less movement means less of a chance for them to break!

Pack Them in The Middle

Your beauty products should be the last thing you pack and they should be in the middle of your luggage. Put all your beauty products in the middle surrounded by light, cushioned clothes. However, keep in mind, don’t put something near them that will get your heart broken if they got stained.

Shelf Liners Are Your Best Friends

Using shelf liners are the best when it comes to packing makeup palettes. Cut a piece of shelf liner relatively she same shape of your palette and place it in on top of your shadows. Doing so will protect your shadows in your makeup palette. If you prefer to use cotton balls or cotton rounds feel free to do so. I use these three items according to size.

Single shadows – cotton balls
Compacts – cotton rounds
Palettes – shelf liners



Keep it in The Package

Sometimes when I travel with a new product I like to keep it in the packaging it came with if it’s not too big. If I were to get a new eyeshadow single or palette I like to keep it in the box it came with. It helps with keeping the product in a ‘safe place’.



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