ELF Lip Stain Review

ELF is one of my favorite drug store brands. I’m usually never unsatisfied with their prodcuts and haven’t had an issue with them until now. I don’t use lipstains but I decieded to get one since in the summer time I prefer to wear more lightweight makeup.  Recently, I’ve purchased two ELF lip stains.  One in the color ‘Crimson Crush’ and ‘Pink Petal.’ When I tried ‘Crimson Crush’ it wasn’t what I expected. It worked out perfectly fine at first, however, I had to keep reapplying it to get an even distribuation. There was a little bit of flaking and it transfers while eating. I like lipstains to be..well.. lipstains. I want them to stain my lips so I don’t have to reapply them continuously throughout the day and I don’t like them to transfer. If I wanted to keep touching up a lipproduct throughout the day I would stick to a lipstick or lipgloss.  Now, let me tell you what had happened when I tried out the other color in ‘Pink Petal.’ I’ve never been so disappointed in a product before. When I tried out ‘Pink Petal’ it didn’t work! I was confused at first so I tried to swatch it on my hand and nothing appeared. I tried it on a tissue and nothing happened. I had to keep using force to get just a tiny bit of product out.

Comeon’ ELF! What gives?!


2 thoughts on “ELF Lip Stain Review

  1. I am a big fan of their brushes but I have never tried their makeup products. I have been hearing alot of good things though. I’m sorry this didnt work out for you. I know not to try this one out when I try my first makeup purchase. thanks!

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  2. that’s so sad!! i hate it when the packaging doesn’t even work 😦 and the frustrating thing is you can never tell in the store (if it’s drugstore). better luck next time! 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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