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Spring Into Beauty- 4 Tips On Brightening Up Your Look For Spring & Summer

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to try out bright lip colors and colorful makeup looks. It’s time to ditch the dark makeup hues and add some color! Here are four tips to brighten up your look for this upcoming season.

1. Bright Lips

Switch to a bright lip color to add some color to the face. Even if you don’t have much knowledge to applying makeup you can never go wrong with a bright lip color.

2. Blush

Swap out darker tone blush to a coral shade instead! Rose-y and coral shades help add a natural flush to the cheeks adding life. If you find that you’ve gone a bit over-board with applying blush and feel the erge of removing it all off, DON’T! Because all you have to do is just blot a bit of foundation or concealer over the mistake and you have a more natural flush!

3. Powder to Crème

Switch from powder blush and highlighter to a crème one. Switching to crème will help bring life back to the harm done to your skin over the winter.

4. Keep It Light & Natural

Keep your makeup simply light and natural. Your skin needs to breathe so using a CC crème or a BB crème is very light on your face and also has SPF!



3 thoughts on “Spring Into Beauty- 4 Tips On Brightening Up Your Look For Spring & Summer

    1. A CC cream and a BB cream are the same with a slight difference. A CC cream is used mainly for color correcting. It can help with redness. A BB cream is a light foundation with a few skin care benefits.


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