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Born Again Blush

Think twice before throwing away that broken blush or any broken powdered makeup. We have all expirenced that mini heart attack when our favorite powdered makeup shatters. There’s an easy way to fix this problem with one simple ingredient.

rubbing alcohol.



Take a table spoon of alcohol and add it into the broken pressed powder, take the back of the spoon to smooth it out then put it in the refrigerator for it to dry.

Simple as that!


Note: This process may be messy so please work with a paper towel underneath.




2 thoughts on “Born Again Blush

    1. Actually, no. I know it may seem like a concern however, the alcohol works like a glue and eventually evaporates. I can’t say all of the alcohol will evaporate but as long as you prep and prime your face by applying facial lotion, sunscreen and primer like usual you will be good. Also, alcohol can help cure acne just a little bit. I never had an issue with this trick before. If this is a big concern for you what I suggest is to test it on your arm first. Leave it on for a while and see if in irritation occurs. If it doesn’t you should be safe. If it does then that’s a no go, obviously. I hope this helped!


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