Nail Care

Strengthen Your Weak, Brittle Nails

Splitting, breaking, peeling- there’s a lot of things that can go wrong with your nails, here’s why…

Water Exposure

Nails are ten times more absorbent than skin. Which is why when you take a long bath, or shower, your nails become weak and bendy. When you wash your hands, or even get a manicure, water gets absorbed into your nails. Constant change in water causes the cells to expand and contract, straining them as they continue to change in size for water.

Chemical Exposure

Polish remover is kind of like having a frienemy. You both can get along just swell but really, it’s doing a lot of damage behind your back. The most offensive chemical is acetone. Acetone dries out your nails quickly and rubbing it harshly to remove stubborn polish causes even more damage.

Nail Picking

Nail picking is not a good idea. Sure, it’s tempting to do when your nail polish is already chipping but picking at it removes the top layer of nail cells. Especially with gel manicures, if you don’t remove them properly- or go to a nail salon to get them remove- it can cause damage.


Regain Your Strength

Luckily, it is easy to regain your nails strength by doing simple things such as

  • Using gloves when handling any chemicals or washing the dishes.
  • Use cuticle oil  or cream to prevent dry skin and hangnails.
  • Take a polish break. If all else fails, give your nails a break from nail polish.
  • Take biotin (I know, must have heard it a million times, but it really works- seriously.)
  • Use nail strengthening nail polishes and serums. And yes, they really do make those that they work like a charm.
  • When filing your nails, instead of going back and forth, file your nails in one direction. Filing back and forth actually creates harm to your nails.
  • Always use a top coat.



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