Tips and Tricks

Make Lashes Look Longer And Fuller

I’m taking a wild guess here and assuming you’ve tried almost every mascara in the market and not getting the eyelashes fit to your desire. Well, here’s how to make your lashes look longer and fuller with a few simple tips and tricks that work well for me, many others and hopefully for you, too!


Don’t forget to curl your lashes before doing anything else! This trick is fool-proof and there are eyelash curlers for a reason! To get the most out of your curl take a hair dryer, match or lighter and add some heat to your eyelash curler for just two seconds. Make sure it’s not too hot! And curl your lashes from roots to tip. Be sure to apply even amount of pressure and time for both eyes. (It really does make a difference.) Also, as soon as your done curling your lashes go in with a water proof mascara. I love using waterproof mascara as a base and top coat on my lashes. It helps the curl stick to place all day!


Putting on just a bit of powder (baby powder, translucent powder, even lash powder you can purchase.) helps your lashes appear longer and gives them tons of volume! Try to put on just a bit of powder right before applying mascara and if you have time to spear do it after every coat and finish it off with one last coat of water proof mascara!


Tightlining is one of my favorite tricks to use. Tightlining might seem scary at first if you’re afraid of getting something in your eye. But it’s nothing to be scared of! Tightlining makes the lashes appear fuller by applying eyeliner right on the lash line and upper waterline. It’s just like applying eyeliner to the bottom waterline.. but on the upper one. It’s fairly easy to do just takes some practice. Tightlining adds some depth and definition to your lashes even berfore applying mascara.


Minking is all about using two different color mascaras (example: brown and black) to give the appearance of fuller lashes by using a dark color on the roots and topping it off with a lighter color on the tips.


Every angle matters when it comes to applying mascara. Most people think just a flick of the wrist going upwards does the trick. (and it can if you’re lucky with already long and full lashes) However, zig-zagging, up, down, side to side, blinking, all does a great job into separating lashes and giving them depth. Make sure to get underneath and wiggle your wand! It curls, thickens, and lengthens your lashes all at the same time! Don’t forget to really get in the corners.


Always be sure to have an eyelash comb or a clean mascara wand handy while doing your makeup for it helps separate lashes. Use an eyelash comb before and after mascara (or a clean mascara wand) to prevent clumps from happening.


There’s nothing wrong with wearing false eyelashes. In fact, falsies might just be the way to go since no need to scrub off mascara build up at nighttime that can lead to damage. Go for a more natural look for everyday wear and apply one coat of mascara to blend the natural lashes with the falsies.


Condition your eyelashes every night before you go to bed by using a cotton swab or an old, clean mascara wand. Apply extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or petroleum jelly at night to help grow lashes.







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