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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

It’s crazy to think that a lot of makeup users don’t clean their brushes. If you really love your brushes and your face.. cleaning them every week or two is a must. Not cleaning makeup brushes frequently lead to reapplying bacteria onto the face causing breakouts.


Brush In A Rush

There are many different ways to clean makeup brushes. Usually, what I like to do is take a mixture of dish soap or baby shampoo with equal parts of olive oil. However, it all depends on the amount of brushes there are to clean. I have a lot of brushes to clean and face brushes tend to be bigger therefore I use more. Sometimes, what I tend to do while I’m in a rush for cleaning my brushes is I take that mixture in a small bowl, take my brushes and swish them all around in the bottom of the small bowl.


Usually, I have the time to clean them thoroughly.

What I  do is; gather up all my brushes, a towel, dish soap (or baby shampoo), olive oil, a scrublet, a small bowl, and of course- cold water.

The reason for cold water is because using hot water can cause damage for makeup brushes. Using hot water can remove the glue at the neck of the brush causes the bristles to fall out. To clean them I separate the face brushes from the smaller eye brushes. For the face brushes, I first like to run the bristels under cold water keeping away from the neck. After, I take the brush and swish them with the mixture that is placed inside the small bowl. I then like to run it again under cool water, add some more mixture but this time place the bristles against my palm, rinse the excess, and place it off to the side.

Srubbing Scrublet

How I like to clean my eye brushes is pretty similar to how I clean my face brushes, however, I love to use the scrublet. The reason why I like to use the scrublet is because it helps to remove ALL unwanted build up that is on the eyeshadow brushes.


Conditioner – Not Just for the Hair on the Top of Your Head

If conditioner works well for the hair on the top of your head- don’t you think it would work wonders for your makeup brushes, too? Conditioner helps makeup brushes look and feel brand new. If you try to just use soap and water to clean your brushes, use no conditioner at all, and try to leave it to dry.. you’re brushes will look like a mess.

To use conditioner for your makeup brushes start off when washing it normally and rising it off. After you’ve rinsed your brush off take a small amount of conditioner and apply it to the bristles, shaping them in place. Do this to all your brushes and set them off to the side for about ten minutes, when those ten minutes have passed, rinse them yet again.


Dry Right

There are two ways you can dry your brushes after you’ve cleaned them. One way is with a towel and the other way is with a rack. (I use the towel.) If you’re using a towel to dry your brushes what you’re going to want to do first is remove all excess water from the bristles and wipe it on the towel, too. Place all the brushes with a few inches apart on the towel. When each brush is on the towel place the remains of the towel over them and gently press on them. Leave them there over night to dry. If you’re using a rack, make sure to get rid of the excess water from the bristles and place them  upside down on the rack and leave them there over night. Placing the brushes upside down helps water not reach the base of the neck.




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