Skin Care

6 Beauty Habits You Should Be Doing Every Night

Your body can work wonders while you sleep– turns out you just need to give it a little boost. Try one or all of these treatments to wakeup looking refreshed and stunning.

1.Take off your makeup– all of it. Seriously.

I know… I know… after a long day no one really has to motivation to keep up with a daily beauty routine; but believe me when I say this is number one for a reason. The most important thing to due before heading off to bed at night is to remove everything. That means, left over mascara, lip color — everything. The reason for that is no one wants to wake up in the morning, take one look in the mirror and think “what the hell happened?!” Removing all of the makeup from that day insures your pores are clean and your eyes are free from left over gunk. Sleeping with makeup is not only bad for your skin and may cause breakouts but it can also be a health hazard. Not many people stop and think about that, but the ingredients in some mascara and eyeliner can really mess up your eyes if you sleep with it still on. Mascara and eyeliner can rub off onto your pillows and into your eyes causing severe eye irritation.

2. Do a spot treatment

You can use it to target acne and rosacea pimples, and leave it on overnight, says dermatologist Diane De Fiori, MD.

3. Use a hand cream

Putting on an almost thick layer of hand cream when going to bed can help your hands feel soft and refreshed in the morning.

4. Pin your hair back

Your hair contains oils and dirt that may get on your pillow case and face causes breakouts. Tie up your hair or put it into a bun to keep it away from your face as you sleep. Also, don’t forget to change pillowcases frequently.

5. Use eye cream

Start using great moisturizers and eye creams at night. Your skin will be plump and hydrated.

6. Stay hydrated

Your body dehydrates over night since you can’t drink water in your sleep. Drinking water will help wake up feeling hydrated and refreshed.

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