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Dry Shampoo – The Best Shampoo Without The Shampooing

Washing your hair every single day is less than ideal. Yes, it rinses away dirt and grime however, it also rinses natural oils that keep your hair healthy. There is a solution for in-between washes- dry shampoo. Dry shampoo absorbs natural oils and gives your hair more volume and life, while extending the time of your fresh hair for an extra day or two.


Here’s how to freshen up your locks by using dry shampoo:

Dry shampoo is an oil absorbing powder, therefore, your hair needs to be oily for this to work. Using dry shampoo on dry hair will not have the same effect as used with oily hair. To use dry shampoo shake the can, section your hair, and aim at the roots. The reason why you must target at the roots is because that is where all the oils are located.  When you have already applied dry shampoo to your roots try to gently massage your scalp to work the product in. Later, brush the remaining product off. Simple as that.

Don’t have dry shampoo? Use baby powder instead.

Baby powder has the exact same effect for a lower price! Instead of spraying it on, just sprinkle it on. Proceed with massaging the scalp and brushing the remains off.


2 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo – The Best Shampoo Without The Shampooing

  1. For drugstore that Dove one has done me wonders! But my holy grail is the LIVING PROOF perfect hair day dry shampoo, it’s amazingggg.


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