Tips and Tricks

Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

Makeup is used to enhance features and cover up blemishes, however, one dealing with acne prone skin must be careful while applying makeup so it does not make matters worse. Luckily, there’s not only makeup to help cover up these blemishes but can help treat them as well. Many think makeup causes these imperfections and there’s no possible way that it can be used to treat them as well… and of course, they’re wrong.

Oil-free primer: Using an oil-free primer is an important step. It will help absorb the excess oils on your face leaving a smooth base for you to work with.

Acne-fighting foundation: There are many foundations targeted for acne-prone skin, Foundations that carry the ingredient ‘salicylic acid,’ it will not only cover your problem areas but help get rid of them.

Creamy concealer: Sometimes foundation alone does not do the trick of giving all the coverage desired. Dab a little bit of concealer on where you want more coverage and watch them disappear.

Setting powder: Applying setting powder after concealer and foundation is a great way to lock things in place!

Natural blush: A lot of people are afraid to wear blush because they think it will bring out the redness in their skin. However, without it your skin can look dull and flat. With a natural color, you’ll have a natural flush!

Shine control: Carry oil blotting papers in your purse for wherever you go you can control the shine on your face all day.


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