Skin Care

Everyday Morning & Night Skin Care Routine

My daily skin care routine for both morning and night consist of the same products. However, a product or two may not be used in the morning but will be used at night time. (Example: The Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleansing Tissues and the CVS radiant cream cleanser are used during the night time before bed rather than in the morning.)


In the morning the very first thing I do when I wake up is to rinse my face with lukewarm water to open up my pores. Then, I take the L’OREAL go 360 clean anti-breakout cleanser and use about a nickel to a quarter size amount of product and be sure to really rub it in my cheek, jawline and T-zone area very well. After doing so I like to rinse it off with nice, cold water to retighten my pores. Once I pat my face dry with a towel I use GoodSkinLabs Pore-365 all over pore reducing serum on my cheeks. I use a dime size amount and pat it on. (I always prefer to pat on products onto my face than rubbing it on. Patting it on feels like the product really gets in there and does the job while rubbing it feels like I’m just distributing it on my face without any action taking place afterwards.)  Then, after doing so I take either a q-tip or use clean fingers and dab GoodSkinLabs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate on any dark spots on the face.  Lastly, I take a facial moisturizer (not shown) after both GoodSkinLabs products have gotten a chance to sink in.

My routine for the night time is the same as the morning, however, there are just two more items involved. Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleaning Tissues and the CVS Radiant cream cleanser are used during the night time instead. First thing I do as the night ends is I remove all of my makeup with Epielle Collagen & Vitamin E Cleaning TIssues or baby whipes. Most people think they must have brand name cleaning whipes when really, baby whipes work just as well and are inexpensive. To remove all exess makeup products I use a nickel to a quarter size amount of  CVS Radiant cream cleanser and use a facial brush (not shown) to really get in there and remove all extra product leaving my face free of makeup. After that I proceed with the usual steps of what I do in the morning.


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